Electric Hand Warmer Double-Side Heating, Mini Portable Safety Hand Warmer, Cute Pocket Handwarmer

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Electric Hand Warmer Double-Side Heating, Mini Portable Safety Hand Warmer, Cute Pocket Handwarmer


This product is very different from all kinds of hand warmers on the market. This product is light and small, easy to carry, fast charging, no battery, no liquid and safer.

Ideal Gifts to Family/Friends/Yourself.


Package Included:

1 * Electric Hand Warmer

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Sling Rope

1 * Small Bag

1 * User Manual

Packed well in retail box








1 . Please pull out the soft rubber plug and expose the socket when using Firstly use the figure-eight tap end of the power cord to completely insert the hand warmer .Secondly plug the other end into the power socket , then you see the indicator lightnext to the hand warmer socket is lit , and start to power on and heatup . After about3 minutes heating , put on the cloth cover before use . Leave it for 8-10 minutes , thetemperature reaches the highest point about 70-80 degrees . If the indicator lightdoes not out for a long time , immediately unplug the power plug and place itoutof the reach of children , and do not place objects on the appliance

2 . People are not allowed to leave when the poweris on . Pay attention to theindicator light . When the indicator light goes outin about 3 minutes , it means thatthe electricity and heat storage are completed

3 . Do not cover for a long time , and pay attention to occasional movementto preventlocal temperature from being too high to deform the shell4 . There will be a process of temperature rise within a few minutes after the powerisoff . To ensure safe use , please put it in a flannel bag to keep warm immediately toavoid burns , and also extend the heat preservation time5 . After using the hand warmer for a period of time , the surface temperature willdecrease before the second power-on heating Ifthe surface temperature is stillhigh , and the internal thermostat has not been closed , the second power-on heatingis invalid.


Important tips:

1. Not to be used by people who cannot be used by themselves, such as infants, orpeople who are not sensitive to heat;

2. During power-on and storage, do not put items on top of the appliance;

3. Always check whether there are any signs of damage on the appliance, If there aresigns of this, please do not use it.

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  1. Coleen Dragon

    Coleen Dragon

  2. Lorean Soni


    Lorean Soni

  3. Benoît Cortot

    second order. we love these heating eggs

    Benoît Cortot

  4. Aamir Boyd

    Aamir Boyd

  5. Speranzio Bartolone

    Speranzio Bartolone

  6. Durante Sciara

    Durante Sciara

  7. Franchesca Schwebach

    Franchesca Schwebach

  8. Rosalie Robertson

    nice heater, charging takes 2min only and it lasts for about 90min. Already ordered more, family likes it!

    Rosalie Robertson

  9. Kathi Okamura

    Kathi Okamura

  10. Gérald Noir

    Gérald Noir